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The Following People are NOT Eligible to
Purchase a Freddie Mac owned Home.
HomeSteps or Freddie Mac Employees, Suppliers,
Listing Agents, and/or Immediate Family Members of
Employees Suppliers, and Listing Agents.
All Freddie Mac/Homesteps Homes are listed on MLS.
48 Hours must past before an Offers can be submitted. The first 20 days of the Listing,
Only Owner Occupied Buyers may present an Offer. On the 21st Day of the Listing,
Investors may present offers. These comments are on MLS in the General Remarks.

Should your client be an Owner Occupied Buyer,
and wishes to present an offer in the first 20 days of the Listing Period,
please complete the
Owner Occupied First Look Agreement, Click Here!
Please forward to the Listing Agent with the Offer to Purchase.   
What do you need to Disclose?     
Is Buyer a Broker?
Is Buyer an Owner Occupied Buyer?  
Is Buyer a First Time Home Buyer?
Is Buyer an Investor?
Has Buyer ever been an employee or vendor for Freddie Mac?
How Do I Present an Offer?

1. Use the NC Standard Offer to Purchase and email this to the Listing Agent.
    Seller's name is Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation.
2. Please provide proof of funds or a Per-qualification Letter with the Offer.
3. If a Company/Business is the buyer, make sure Corporate Documents are included.
    Investors can ONLY make offers on the 21st day of the Listing Period. See MLS General Remarks.
4. If an offer is being presented the first 20 days of the listing period by an Owner Occupied Buyer,
    the Agent and the Buyer must sign the Owner Occupied First Look Agreement which is above.

Please review the Disclosures attached on MLS with your Buyer. I do not need these at this time.

We do not accept Due Diligence Fees nor recognize a DD Period.
The Buyer has 12 days from Execution of the contract to inspect the home.  
This is on the Freddie Mac Addendum.
The Escrow Agent is the Listing Agent' Firm or the Seller's Attorney, No Exceptions!
The Listing Agent's Firm will accept Certified Funds ONLY from the Buyer's Bank Account.
Please make sure the certified check has the Buyer's name and property address of the home being purchased.
Should the Buyer choose to have the Seller's Attorney hold the Earnest Money, this money must be wired into their
account. Wiring Instructions will be provided by the Seller's Attorney.
Freddie Mac Broker Instructions
The Seller will NOT Agree to the Following:
The Offer is Contingent on the Sale of Another Property
Buyer wants to Occupy or Store Personal Items Before Closing
Buyer wants to perform Repairs or Improvements to the home before closing.
Funds to be Escrowed Post Closing.
Closing the last day of any month.