Property Management Service by TPS
                             over 20 years of EXPERIENCE!
We manage....
Conventional and Section 8
Houses, Duplexes, Town homes, Condos in Greensboro, Jamestown, and in High Point.

Advertising: TPS advertises our rental properties by placing a sign in the yard, and by marketing
the home on MLS and the Internet.
Since we are Realtors, we place the home on the Rental Section of MLS.
This website also feeds other websites.

How the Property is Shown: Our office is open 5 days a week.
Monday thru Friday, 10am to 4pm
A prospect will visit our office with a valid state id, fill out a guest card, and leave a small deposit
for the key.
The deposit will be returned when the key is returned.
We can refuse any showings.
Should an owner wish for us to accommodate any prospect, we can do so for an additional $5.00
per showing.

Discrimination: TPS will never discriminate against the 7 Protected Classes!
Race, Religion, Color, Creed, Gender, Family and Familiar Status.
However, we can discriminate against smokers, poor credit and/or a criminal record.

Prospect's Fees:$35 Application Fee per Prospect.
We process criminal and credit, verify income and employment. The Application fee is paid by the
Applicant and is non-refundable. There is no administration fee.
Credit & Criminal Background Check: TPS will process Criminal and Credit.
We also verify income, employment, and past rental history if any exists. Once complete we will either deny or approve the applicant.
If we approve the applicant, we will submit their information to you for Final Approval.
We then contact the resident to let them know their status.

Pet Fee: Should you allow pets, we charge a $200 pet fee, which is forwarded to you in its entirety.
This fee is due when the pet enters the home. The pet fee is only required on cats and dogs. We do not allow vicious breeds of dogs.
The maximum pets allowed is two unless the owner instructs otherwise.

Security Deposits: The Security Deposit is typically one month's rent. This is placed in a non-interest Trust Account.
It can be used only at the end of the Lease Term and is not the Owners Property.
The Security Deposit can only be used for unpaid rent or damages. Should damages exceed the security deposit, we will request/demand
payment from the former resident.

When is Rent Due? Rent is due on the first of the month, and late after the 5th.
On the 6th day of the month, a 5% late fee is charged.
Late Notices are sent, emails and phone calls are made.
Evictions are performed on the 15th of every month, unless this is against the owner's wishes.

Maintenance: Residents are to contact our office in writing by emailing
We will then send a contractor to the property.
Should the contractor find that the maintenance problem was caused by the resident by misuse, abuse or neglect, the resident will be charged for
the repair.
According to the contract, TPS can fix anything under $250 without permission from the owner.
In emergency situations we can take any necessary steps to protect the property.
We have preferred vendors that we will use.

Management Fees:  A Flat Fee is charged while the home is vacant and a Percentage Rate is charged when the home becomes Occupied.
In Addition to the Flat Fee or the Percentage, Other Fees are:
Rent Ready Fee-$150 (When the home needs to be made Rent Ready!)The Owner will need to make an Owner's Contribution of $200 ,
as well as fill out our New Client Form.